July 12th, 2019

Ultra Magnus release party for new album Muziki Mzuri

On Friday, July 19, Ultra Magnus releases his third album with Hand’Solo Records. Two days earlier, my man Magnus will celebrate the release of Muziki Mzuri with a release party in Toronto at Handlebar in Kensington Market. It’s a great album, and a great line-up for the release party! I hope to see you there!

Album Release for the Muziki Mzuri


The Mighty Rhino
and More or Les on the ones and twos

$10 cover

Handlebar (159 Augusta Ave) in Toronto

Check the Facebook event page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/375495819836930

July 12th, 2019

Hip Hop Night at Queen St Fare w/ Backburner

Ottawa hip hop heads have the opportunity to enjoy a few of the boys from Backburner on Saturday, July 27…

Hip Hop Night at Queen St Fare


More Or Les
Jesse Dangerously

Doors at 8PM
Cost is $10 in advance or $13 at the door


Queen St. Fare (170 Queen St.) in Ottawa

Visit the Facebook event page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/678328929295967/

July 10th, 2019

RePPiN 4U reviews Road Warriors

For the second review of their new album, Road Warriors, Primal Winds receive an excellent review from Mike Dogg for RePPiN 4U. But please ignore the weird “box of chocolate” conceit that bookends the review…

Read the review here: https://mikedogg36.wordpress.com/2019/07/08/primal-winds-road-warriors/amp/

July 1st, 2019


Happy Canada Day! On Canada’s 152nd birthday, consider Touch’s point of view with “Canada Day” from new album Jawz alongside producer The Dirty Sample… Free download all day!

June 28th, 2019

Touch – “I Don’t Write” official video

Lyrics written and performed by Touch.
Produced by The Dirty Sample.
Video directed by DJ Agile for Bandit Productions.

June 28th, 2019

Touch – “I Don’t Write” single

“I don’t write rhymes, I write screen plays
that come to life in front of your eyes, on stage, by the DJ.”

Edmonton emcee Touch stopped writing rhymes years ago; it’s too easy. Now, every album is a work of art, a painting filled with textured imperfections spilling over the canvas, drawing outside of the lines, and splattering paint on the floor. “I Don’t Write”, the second single from Jawz, Touch’s latest collaboration with Calgary producer The Dirty Sample, explores the myriad of writing styles disseminated between his first and last bars backed by a slow, menacing instrumental. The single is accompanied by a chill, jazzy remix from Whatevski and a video directed by DJ Agile for Bandit Productions.

June 23rd, 2019

Houdini Mansions reviews Road Warriors

A great review from my dude Gray Lee at Houdini Mansions for the new album from Primal Winds, Road Warriors. Click the link below to read it on their site, or read it here:

Read the review here: https://houdinimansions.com/magnetic-heart/2019/6/20/primal-winds-road-warriors

June 7th, 2019

Primal Winds – Road Warriors… now available!

1. Road Warriors (feat. Julian Swift)
2. Gastown
3. Warboys
4. Twisted Metal feat. Warrzone
5. Radiation Station
6. How You Like Us [Fresh Kils Remix] (feat. Fortunato)
7. Outbreak
8. Road Rage
9. Tank Girl
10. Atomic Love
11. Stand By Me (feat. Fortunato & Lucy Lovesick)

Produced by Iron Wind
Co-produced by District Prime

“How You Like Us” remixed by Fresh Kils

Mixed and mastered by Iron Wind

Artwork by Raging Tiger Graphics

June 6th, 2019

Primal Winds

From TDot Stand Up through Give No Quarter to Cut You Down, Primal Winds is proud to present the next instalment in their anthology of concept-themed rap albums. Road Warriors opens with the title track, revealing the road ahead to be a post-apocalyptic drive-to-survive journey through the worlds of Mad Max, Death Race, Tank Girl, Twisted Metal and more. Driving metaphors weave in and out of the vivid imagery and world-building story-telling as told over a soundtrack of high octane rap-metal, hardcore hip hop, horrorcore, industrial, and even a splattering of post-apocalyptic 40s jazz.

After a few tracks on the open road exploring this violent world, tune into “Radiation Station,” the station of choice for the best of the road warriors and war boys, broadcast from an underground bunker built to withstand the nuclear fallout. Another broadcaster returns to announce the zombie epidemic as on “Outbreak”. But if Iron Wind and District Prime are going to die, they’re going to do it on the open road. So they jump back behind the wheel to let off some steam (and a few gunshots) on “Road Rage”. Then it’s time to meet the love interest (“Tank Girl”), fall in love (“Atomic Love”), and conclude the story with a positive message (“Stand By Me”).

With Road Warriors, Primal Winds is firing on all cylinders, once again demonstrating their willingness to rock any beat and crush any concept. Produced entirely by Iron Wind aside from a remix by Fresh Kils, and co-produced by District Prime (previously Primordial Emcee), with lyrics from both, the duo’s fourth album also features long-time collaborators Warrzone on “Twitsted Metal” and Fortunato on “How You Like Us” and “Stand By Me”, as well as chorus work by Julian Swift (singer and guitarist for the Cola Heads) on “Road Warriors” and Lucy Lovesick on “Stand By Me”.

A guaranteed gas on any road trip, Road Warriors should be used with extreme caution: this album contains music of highly contagious energy levels and lyrics of a devastating nature!

Website Links:

Faction Bandcamp

May 31st, 2019

See Wordburglar live in New York City!

My dude Wordburglar is grinding hard lately, spending a lot of time out on the road touring his new self-released album, Rhyme Your Business. on June 8 he will be in New York City with a bunch of dope nerdcore artists, so please check out the show if you’re nearby.

THE REDACTED REPORT – HushCon East After Party

Dual Core x FuzzyNop
Schaffer The Darklord
LEX the Lexicon Artist
Mikal kHill

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30pm

At DROM, 85 Avenue A, New York, New York

$10 in advance, $15 at the door
Ages 21+

Check Facebook Event Listing here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2189644718014989/