April 20th, 2019

Celebrate 4/20 with “No More” FREE DL from Touch & The Dirty Sample!

It’s April 20th, the first 4/20 in Canada since marijuana was legalized. Touch & The Dirty Sample have the perfect song for just such an occasion. “No More” is off upcoming album Jawz, dropping April 26 on Hand’Solo Records. Over The Dirty Sample’s laid back, jazzy production, Touch celebrates our newfound freedoms and all the things we don’t have to worry about no more. The song is a perfect pairing with the date, so “No More” will be released April 20, ahead of the album, and is available free to download all day. Download “No More” and… let’s get high!

Lyrics written and performed by Touch
Produced and mixed by The Dirty Sample
Mastered by Dorc for Banging Masters
Art Design by Ghettosocks

April 17th, 2019

Record Recollection recollects Psybo’s Wherewithal

Last year Hand’Solo Records finally released the long-awaited album from Psybo, Wherewithal. The historical hip hop blog Record Recollection did a little interview with Psybo regarding the album and its release. A great read for fans of Psybo, Toolshed, or the Backburner crew.

Read the full interview here: https://therecordrecollection.wordpress.com/2019/04/16/psybo-wherewithal-2007-2018/

April 8th, 2019

Touch & The Dirty Sample – 1st single is Deep Water (feat Apeface & Ghettosocks)

Don’t move. Don’t breath. Try as hard as you can to slow the beat of your heart to an undetectable rhythm. And just when you think it’s safe, out of the “Deep Water” swims Jawz! The Dirty Sample hones in on the electromagnetic frequency emitted by your worst fears and produces a sound to trigger a feeding frenzy in fellow apex predators Touch and Ghettosocks. Drowning is preferable for any unsuspecting meal that encounters these three hungry sharks as they flow through the “Deep Water”. For the first single from their upcoming summer blockbuster, Jawz, dropping April 26 on Hand’Solo Records, Touch & The Dirty Sample are joined by guest Ghettosocks on the raps and art design, and receive a remix from Illions (The Dirty Sample and Metawon). “We on top of the food chain, and you what we chewin’…”

01 – Deep Water (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
02 – Deep Water (Radio Edit) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
03 – Deep Water (Illions Remix) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
04 – Deep Water (Illions Remix Radio Edit) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
05 – Deep Water (instrumental)
06 – Deep Water (Illions Remix instrumental)
07 – Deep Water (acapella) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)

Written and performed by Apeface, Touch and Ghettosocks
Produced by The Dirty Sample, except tracks 3, 4, and 6 remixed by Illions (The Dirty Sample and Metawon)
Mixed by The Dirty Sample
Mastered by Dorc for Banging Masters
Art design by Ghettosocks

April 7th, 2019

RapReviews really liked Mickey O’Brien’s My Drift!

“Mickey O’Brien’s ‘My Drift’ is a certified hit. 8/10” – RapReviews.com

‘Nuff said! Except for this whole review, of course… Or click the review or link at the bottom to read the review providing all the song links and video being discussed as any civilized music fan would.

Review this review of rap on RapReviews at http://thewrestler.net/wordpress/2019/04/mickey-obrien-my-drift/

April 6th, 2019

Upcoming Wordburglar shows

A good friend of the label, Wordburglar has two upcoming shows with Hand’Solo Records artists…

The first show is with More Or Les, Good Luck Shop, and Juliana Eye at Junction City Music Hall (2907 Dundas St West) in Toronto on Thursday, April 18.

Facebook Event page for further info: https://www.facebook.com/events/820140878366529/

The second show is with Touch, Nitehawks, and Discount Lion Safari at Bohemia (10217 97 St NW) in Edmonton on Thursday, April 25.

Facebook Event page for further info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2369466593083813/

April 6th, 2019

Mickey O’Brien speaks with CBC Radio

Mickey O’Brien recently spoke with CBC Radio’s Morning North program about his new album, rap, and his job as a miner. You can listen to his segment here…

April 5th, 2019

Mickey O’Brien employee spotlight in The Vale

A third generation miner with INCO, now Vale, an employee spotlight from his company newsletter surely means a lot for Mickey O’Brien aka OB orebody. The opening of the article is posted below, but you can click the image or the link to read the full article.

Read the full article here: https://valenews.ca/this-hard-rock-miner-just-released-his-first-album/

April 5th, 2019

Mickey O’Brien featured in The Sudbury Star

As a born and bred Sudburian before relocating to Southern Ontario, I’m very happy to see The Sudbury Star give some space to local rapper Mickey O’Brien. Only a portion of the article is pictured below, but you can read the full article if you click on the image or the link below.

Read the full article here: https://www.thesudburystar.com/news/local-news/sudbury-miner-rises-from-the-deep-releases-first-album

March 22nd, 2019

New album: Mickey O’Brien’s My Drift

01 – My Drift (feat Billy John)
02 – Beg Borrow Steal
03 – Freedom (feat Salvatori)
04 – True Romance (feat Steph Fyfe)
05 – Vedder Than You
06 – Don’t Be Like them (feat Nadia Costanzo)
07 – Day in the Life
08 – Honey Bear
09 – Groundhog Day (feat Lee Reed)
10 – Bleu Nuit (feat Mindbender Supreme)
11 – Parasite (feat Jor’Del Downz)
12 – Terminally Unique (feat D-Sisive)
13 – Listen (feat More Or Les & The Mighty Rhino)
14 – Strangers (feat Laura Willet)

All lyrics by Mickey O’Brien except for featured artists
Produced and mixed by Fresh Kils at Kilzone in Toronto, ON
Vocals recorded by Fresh Kils at Kilzone in Toronto, ON; Billy Bruhmuller in Sudbury, ON; and Evan Rautiainen at Iron Horse Studios in Los Angeles, CA
All scratches done by Uncle Fester in Halifax, NS
Mastered by Dorc at Banging Masters in Toronto, ON
Album Design by Ghettosocks

March 17th, 2019

“My Drift” FREE St Patrick’s Day promo song

Mickey wants to celebrate St Patrick’s Day by giving away for free for that full day the title track from his album.

About “My Drift”:

“My Drift” is a shout-along Irish drinking song, a working class anthem, and an ode to lost family and friends. Dealing with personal trauma through music, by turning the negative into a positive, Mickey writes a song to honour the memory of four of his best friends and his dog, whose bark can be heard at the beginning of the song. With Celtic-inspired “East Coast loops” supplied by MPC button-masher and production master Fresh Kils, the result is a rousing yet touching drinking song!

Available FREE FOR DOWNLOAD on St Patrick’s Day only!