December 20th, 2016

More Or Les on CBC Radio 3’s Top 103 Songs of 2016

Last week CBC Music posted CBC Radio 3’s Top 103 Songs of 2016, and two Backburner songs made the cut. At #45 is Swamp Thing with “Wild Things” from their album Pray to Science released on Urbnet, and at #31 is More Or Les with “Cuppa,” the first single from his Hand’Solo Records-released album Blow the Fuck Up But Stay Humble.

Thank you to the Editorial Staff who contributed to the creation of this list… It’s a great list and these songs are in great company.

Read the full list here:

December 20th, 2016

Geek Music Podcast interviews Primordial Emcee

Just one week after Chad Walker posted his Geek Music Podcast with More Or Les, he follows up with a new episode featuring Primordial Emcee as guest. They discuss Prime’s evolution as rapper, the meaning of his name, new album X-Faction 2: Reanimated, his interest in comics and anime, and more…

Listen here:

December 18th, 2016

Geek Music Podcast interviews More Or Les

More Or Les returns to Geek Music Podcast on for his second encounter with Chad Walker to discuss the big issues: the suckage of 2016, the monetization of art (or not), corporate controlled media, net neutrality, politics, and of course, Dr Who and comics.

Listen here:

November 29th, 2016

Geek Hard reviews Blow The Fuck Up But Stay Humble

The first review is in for More Or Les’ Blow The Fuck Up But Stay Humble, and Andrew Young of Geek Hard has the distinct honour of writing it… Looks like he liked it, but don’t take my word for it… Here’s the intro:

Read the full review here:

November 27th, 2016

Geek Music Podcast interviews Thomas Quinlan (that’s me!)

Last week I recorded a podcast with Chad Walker for his Geek Music Podcast on, and we talked about the early years of Hand’Solo Records, sex raps, physical media, politics, fandoms, and the many origins of the Hand’Solo name. The interview went live this week. It’s an hour of great listening! And I swear my voice isn’t annoying at all… Check it out!

Listen to the podcast here:

November 27th, 2016

Scratched Vinyl reviews Bassments of Badmen 3

Completely missed this review from about a month ago… Thanks to Chi Chi Thalken and Scratched Vinyl for this great 8/10 review…


Or read the review here:

November 16th, 2016

Bassments of Badmen 3 review in Fandomania

Chad Walker has included Bassments of Badmen 3 in his reviews column for Fandomania this month, and he seemed pretty excited by this 40-song, 2-CD collection celebrating 20 years for Hand’Solo Record.

Read the full review here:

Or read it here:

November 15th, 2016

$5 Rap Show — a Backburner double release PARTY!!

Celebrating the release of brand new albums from Swamp Thing (Pray to Science) and More Or Les (Blow The Fuck Up But Stay Humble), $5 Rap Show is primed to be a big time party on Saturday…

Performances from:

Swamp Thing
More Or Les
Peter Project
+ Special Guests

When: Saturday, November 19, 2016 – Doors at 9 PM
Where: Handlebar (159 Augusta, Toronto)

Only $5

For more info:

November 13th, 2016

VIDEO: More Or Les – Cuppa

New video from More Or Les…

On “Cuppa”, the new video and first single off the full length album Blow The Fuck Up But Stay Humble, More Or Les happily shows off his pride in being thoughtful rather than non-sensical, multi-faceted instead of ultra-repetitive, and graceful instead of clunky with his style of intellectual indie Hip Hop over Pop Rap. Also on the beats and cuts, Les hits you with never-ending 808 bass, stuttering guitars and pounding drums. Add to that, whimsical visuals courtesy of indie Toronto film company Endless Films, and you have a flavour that is undeniably Les’ cuppa…tea!

Beats, rhymes and cuts by More Or Les

Video by Alex Galeote and Iain Robinson for Endless Films

Featuring Wordburglar, The Mighty Rhino, Human devotees of the Cybertronic Spree, Folks at the Silver Snail, artist Kagan McLeod, and Voltron, Defender of the Far Universe

Bandcamp Pre-order link:

Release party event page (on November 19):

November 2nd, 2016

RapReviews reviews XF2: Reanimated

Once again Rap Reviews beats everyone to the punch with their review of Primordial Emcee’s new album, X-Faction 2: Reanimated.

“On the whole though I dig Primordial’s Toronto by way of Penny Arcade Expo flows, and while he’s not going to turn the genre of nerdcore on its ear, he’d be welcomed by its most staunch advocates while still finding some open minded listeners who don’t get all the references but would still enjoy the beats and flow.” – Steve ‘Flash’ Juon, Rap Reviews

Read the full review here:

Or here: