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Tachichi is a Halifax hiphop legend whose resume is as superb and as big as his talent, with his fingers in everything from writing to production to video directing. Tachichi has released 11 albums to date and played hundreds of live shows across Canada and the U.S. While much of his previous catalogue has been alongside Canadian producer and DJ Moves over the last 20 years, Tachichi has also released music with just about every influential and celebrated hip hop artist from the land of the maple leaf, including Buck 65, Classified, Quake Matthews, Ghettosocks, Skratch Bastid, Snak the Ripper, and countless others.

Tachichi’s attention is currently focused on the new powerhouse rap crew he founded with Ghettosocks, calling themselves Sipset. The crew also includes fellow award-winning and -nominated artists Nilla, Kxng Wooz, Aquakultre, Sean-One, Uncle Fester, Jon Deck, DJ Moves, Cee!!!!!!!! and ChanHays! Sipset is dropping their debut project as a collective in spring of 2018.

Ahead of that album, Tachichi introduces his new Sipset crew through his own solo album, Chico’s ’90s Project, which is an homage to the Golden Age of hip hop containing plenty of references to – and excerpts from – entertaining TV show and movie from the ’90s! The production is top tier, with beats by ChanHays, Ghettosocks, The Dirty Sample, Uncle Fester, Gordski, Sean-One, and DJ Moves. Tachichi combines his unique flow, one of the best Canada has to offer, with unforgettable lyrics and catchy hooks, ensuring Chico’s ’90s Project is sure to resonate through the culture for a long time to come, much like the other classic albums that have come before it.

Hand’Solo Records Discography:


* Tachichi – Everything DJ Pack *
* Tachichi – Chico’s ’90s Project
* Tachichi & DJ Moves – Suicidal Soul


* Various Artists – Bassments of Badmen 3 *