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A new channel has just jumped into the fray within the jungle that is YouTube…

www.youtube.com/5DollarRapShow will collect live footage of classic performances at Toronto sorta-monthly hip hop night $5 Rap Show. The channel opens with a posse cut featuring More Or Les, Chokeules, Timbuktu, Wordburglar and Savilion from their new Hand’Solo release The Lost, as well as Buck 65’s “The Wildlife 1,” which was released by Hand’Solo Records on 12″ along with the other two parts of the trilogy, the instrumentals and a hidden bonus track. The favourites section also includes live footage from shows that pre-date but are related to $5 Rap Show.

Check out the channel here: www.youtube.com/5DollarRapShow

And track upcoming events at: www.facebook.com/5DollarRapShow