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$5 Rap Show was weird this month. Unfortunately CasUno and Esh the Monolith got turned back at the border and no one really knows what happened to Kodac. But there was still more than enough live music to go around, ending with an awesome set by Timbuktu, Chokeules and Savilion performing together for the first time as Swamp Thing. “All About the Brains” is their first leaked song, available on the Hand’Solo Records mixtape Grandpa Funnybook Presents The Mixtapingly Arranged Rapping Song Album, a limited edition CD released exclusively at Fan Expo 2011 in Toronto.

Anyway, for those who can’t make $5 Rap Show or choose to voluntarily miss this great showcase of underground talent, here’s a bit of footage:

NOTE: And sorry for those in London who were looking forward to CasUno & Esh playing the Black Shire Pub, and to the Black Shire Pub itself for the trouble, please accept my deepest apologies for the cancellation. I wish I could say it will be re-booked soon, but it’s probably not likely in the near future.