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Alex Dimez is one hard working dude… He recently appeared on London, Ontario radio show The Come Up Show, where he also did a video interview discussing his new EP, being the first rapper in Canada to have his own line of bongs and water pipes, and how to do an impressive live performance. On top of all that, he also appears alongside Angerville in the video for the second single, “The Statement,” from their album Uprising. If you haven’t downloaded Alex’s Twenty Dimez EP yet, get it at www.handsolorecords.com/twentydimez.

The Come Up Show video interview:

Listen to the podcast here: http://thecomeupshow.com/2010/11/07/podcast-the-come-up-show-presents-alex-dimez-oct-30-2010/

And check the video for Angerville’s “The Statement”:

Please request the video on MuchMusic:


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