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Very awesome to see Backburner at #33 with Eclipse on Rabbit’s Top Albums of the 2010s decade on Indie Rock Magazine! The follow-up drops very early 2022, and the first single should be out soon!


33. Backburner – Eclipse (2015)

“This album condenses pretty much everything I love about hip-hop: both epic and laid back, fun yet nowhere near as friendly as you might think (Nothin’ Friendly, even the crew proclaims Halifax on a final galvanized by the brass in cinemascope of the composer Alan Silvestri) or even downright dark and anguished with the spines on a medium of disc which takes slightly longer to impose itself than the immediate tubes Death Defy, Bottle Caps or Bad Lieutenants (cf. the decadent Creepy Crawly and Future Shock before the anthology triplet I was talking about here), under constant tension despite a nerdy spirit multiplying the references SF, heroic fantasy, cine, comics, gaming, mythology, etc … We hear jazz and fiery scratches, round or creeping basses and singular flows (Timbuktu, Jesse Dangerously, Worburglar, More Or Les are among the most exciting MCs in the alt-rap landscape if not. is all current hip-hop ), super cool guitar riffs and convoluted sample collages, the Wu-Tang Clan, Björk and the Beastie Boys, irreverence wrapped in pop culture, respect for the pioneers of a playful and intelligent hip-hop that the mainstream has leveled down and futurism is there in the production of the brilliant Fresh Kils, Mister E and Savilion. Anyway, long live Canada, try it too if you haven’t already, you will be amazed. “