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The first single from Hiss 3 – Hissterectomy is anchored by a dope line borrowed from diggity Das-EFX and a funky, 420-friendly bassline, both perfectly suited for guest rapper Touch to brag about his impressive weed intake. The “Smiggity Smoke” maxi-single/DJ Pack includes three remixes that take the vibe further afield, each also featuring a third verse otherwise exclusive to the extended version off the 7” from Black Buffalo Records. While Touch and The Dirty Sample venture into the outer limits with their weird and creepy remixes, DJ Matto ventures onto the dance floor with his dark and epic, synth-heavy remix. Take your pick of four varieties of “Smiggity Smoke” now available for your stoner pleasure!


01 – Smiggity Smoke (Single Version)
02 – Smiggity Smoke (Single Version Clean)
03 – Smiggity Smoke (Touch Remix)
04 – Smiggity Smoke (The Dirty Sample Remix)
05 – Smiggity Smoke (DJ Matto Remix)

Plus Bandcamp bonus tracks:

06 – Smiggity Smoke (Extended Instrumental)
07 – Smiggity Smoke (Touch Remix Instrumental)
08 – Smiggity Smoke (The Dirty Sample Remix Instrumental)
09 – Smiggity Smoke (DJ Matto Remix Instrumental)
10 – Smiggity Smoke (acapella)

Lyrics written and performed by Touch.

Production and cuts on tracks 1, 2 and 6 by DJ Moves..
Production on tracks 3 and 7 by Touch.
Production on tracks 4 and 8 by The Dirty Sample.
Production on tracks 5 and 9 by DJ Matto.

Recorded & Mixed at Halfway House Studios, Truro, Nova Scotia.
Mastered by Dorc for Banging Masters.

Art by Rhek.

“Smiggity Smoke” is also available on 7″ from Black Buffalo Records featuring an extended version with an extra verse from Touch, with “Nightlife” featuring Fatt Matt on the flip side.