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The first single from Chadio’s upcoming Cousin of Lucy album…

“Hear Me Out”, the first offering from Chadio’s upcoming Cousin Of Lucy, delves even deeper into what was the thematic intention of his last album, 2021’s No Wives Club with producer The Dirty Sample, and is hyper-focused on a partnership turned sour. Aalo Guha & Pasquale share the production duty, providing a stark, booming backdrop for our storyteller, with lines like, “making promises but it ain’t that/whatever that I got it isn’t payback/any memory that’s yours I wanna take back/put up brand new walls I’m gonna paint black” expertly emphasizing the level of emotion this track possesses. More of a recollection, than a traditional song, “Hear Me Out” also has no hook, just a thoughtful quote from civli rights activist James Baldwin. If you’ve ever been through a bad breakup, you’ll relate to this song.

Written and performed by Chadio
Produced by Aalo Guha and Pasquale