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The new album has gone in for manufacturing and should be due late June. Check the tracklisting:

2.Brian Wilson – D-Sisive
3.Fall Dumbass – OK Cobra (cuts by Metawon)
4.How Many – Epic ft Chadio (cuts by The Phonograff)
5.Yeah – Noah 23 ft Moka Only (cuts by DJ Stibs)
6.None Missing – Birdapres
7.My Last Wish – Mindbender (cuts by Metawon)
8.Many Many – Eternia
9.Anti-Cymbal Monkey Movement – Esh & CasUno (cuts by Bizkid)
10.Flauge Godz – The Killaz ft Ghetto Dice (cuts by Petey Punch)
11.Hungry & Thirsty – Smokey
12.Back In Stereo – Royce Birth (cuts by Peter Project)
13.Atrophy – Cam the Wizzard (cuts by DJ Cosm)
14.Da da da da da da – Royal-T
15.Summertime Green – Dirt Gritie (Politic Live) ft Shaw & Sly Slivers (cuts by Metawon)
16.Any Battle – Touch (cuts by Dirty Needles)
17.Chai – ATOM (mpc manipulation by Strange Powers)
18.Seasons – Red Ants (cuts by Metawon)
19.Tom Cruise – Ira Lee (cuts by Danimal)
20.The Prestidigitator – Jesse Dangerously (cuts by Cadilakid)
21.The Route – Wordburglar (cuts by Petey Punch)

Here’s a taste of one of the tracks: