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Like any title track, the first single is definitely the backbone of Primal Winds’ upcoming Crowd Control album. With the arrangement of EDM-style horn stabs and double bass strings, Iron Wind’s production sounds like a hyper update of the theme from Jaws. District Prime and Iron Wind are the predators in these dangerous waters, and they’re in a lyrical frenzy like they just drew blood. With timely lyrics, Prime and Wind are ready for revolution. Originally conceived when the duo was still a trio called X-Faction and later planned as a Prime solo song, “Crowd Control” was resurrected, updated with current events, and improved upon by all the lessons learned over the intervening years and multiple projects, ultimately providing the new sound for which Primal Winds was searching. Now, “Crowd Control” has the energy to get the party started and the content to start a riot.

Written and performed by District Prime and Iron Wind
Produced by Iron Wind