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Conceived as an original contribution to the second annual 24 hour celebration of hip hop at CHRW in London, ON, the posse cut “We Came to Rock” first aired alongside other songs debuted during the Hand’Solo Hip Hop Hour segment. With a heavy emphasis on drums and synth, the hype, head-nodding production—plus the wild cuts on the chorus—are courtesy of DJ Matto, pka DJ Usdneedls of Vancouver rap duo Hidden Fortress and current producer and DJ half of +/- based out of Fukuoka, Japan. Pulled from the Hand’Solo Records roster, each of the nine MCs provide their own take on hip hop, from the braggadocio biography of Mickey O’Brien through Jesse Dangerously’s positive confessional and Big Bear’s struggle to keep the content clean to concluding with the party raps of Iron Wind. Plus Tachichi, Touch, More Or Les, Pnutty Goldust and District Prime, each provides their own perspective, too. With so much Canadian rap talent on one song, it’s a given we came to rock!

Lyrics written and performed by Mickey O’Brien, Tachichi, More Or Les, Touch, Jesse Dangerously, Filthy Animals (Pnutty Goldust & Big Bear), and Primal Winds (District Prime & Iron Wind)
Produced by DJ Matto
Cuts by DJ Matto

Artwork by Selene Toffoli