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A little bit about Filthy Animals, the newest artist to partner with Hand’Solo Records for their album dropping next month:

Veterans of the Canadian hip hop scene for over 15 years, founders and co-owners of a long-running Canadian independent hip hop record label (Deepcave Record) as well as a couple of the most well-respected names in the Prairies rap scene, Big Bear and P-Nutty have done what they could to bring the 90s back to the future while maintaining a mixture that includes family, life, music and a passion to entertain.

And a little bit about this Halloween video treat from the duo:

Pnut is a horror junkie with an obsession for the entire genre. And what is more fitting for the video than to have a cameo from a special guest like Freddy? The song “Freddy on the Block” reflects on life as a dream, and you never have the choice of when you might not wake up.

The video was shot and edited by Dag and Gerry Sawatzky. All images captured at Terror on 12.