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The Mighty Rhino just shared three amazing tracks from his upcoming sophomore album, We Shall No Longer Retreat into Darkness, to be released at the end of April on Hand’Solo Records, so here they are for you enjoyment…

“Basically Jesus”

A rip-roaring, all-in-together-now posse cut featuring Jesse Dangerously, Joseph (of Chessclub), More Or Les and Cam James rockin’ over a perfect slapper of a beat by the greatest producer in canada, Digs…

“The One You Need”

A gleefully ribald sex romp in which producer The Measuring Man executes the most perfect sample-flip of all time on one of Rhino’s favourite soul songs, 1970’s Chairmen of the Board smash “Since the Days of Pigtails”, and which also features hip-hop’s only Steve Reich joke, ever!

“‘Til the Lights Go Out”

A song with Big Rube and Witchdoctor of The Dungeon Family on which the three explore love and justice and beauty and the good and the truth… and let’s be real, Witchdoctor kinda just says whatever he wants.