JazzB – For.Ever.Great.Full. pt 2


JazzB started screwing around with computer-based loop music in 1996-97 using some of the first softwarez available including Fruity Loops 1.0, ACID 1.0, Mixman Studio and Pro, and Cool Edit Pro 1.0, and other doo dads. As time has progressed, he has come to many analog methods and more digital manipulation. He enjoys the piano, drums and singing. He has always taken the road of “no sales” for his records so that the muse may feel unadulterated through him. He HIGHLY respects musicians who enter the GAME of music and wishes them the best in all their food-getting endevours. If you can remix Jazz’s stuff and get yerself a look or a buck, feel free. But remember, there are producers out there trying to eat…and pay doctor bills… so support that shit.


1. Zippers Ella Wacky Cake Radiation
2. Strong Eagle Blue Sky Seals the Croft Clarinet
3. Ruck Imperial Slow Down Funk
4. Grizzle Grind Skynard 11 ta Oddvox
5. Oh No Oboe Creeps Rain Lazy
6. Different 98 Grow Benson
7. Glide Asop Cloud Chicks
8. Uncle Albert Floats G-Low to Doomentia
9. New Radio La Roosher Style


as a rar file: JAZZB – For.Ever.Great.Full pt 2 rar
as a zip file: JAZZB – For.Ever.Great.Full pt 2 zip

Download For.Ever.Great.Full. pt 1 here.

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