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The second single from Crowd Control is out now…

Everybody in the place, it’s time to get loud! And whether in the club or at the con, this nerd rap dance track will reward adventurous DJs with that crowd response they want. The Iron Wind beat bounces and bangs! The bass is low end and heavy, pairing nicely with a sample of the usually solo Chinese stringed instrument, the guqin. Atop this driving soundscape, District Prime and Iron Wind grab the mic and get loud. Never ones to shy away from asserting their strong stand on controversial subjects, Primal Winds implore their audience to stand up and voice their own opinions. “Get Loud” opposes the suppression of free speech, censorship and controlled information, but does so with witty wordplay and a wealth of nerd and pop culture references. Iron Wind sums the song up best early on when he raps “F—- a banger, we make hits now!” 

Written and performed by District Prime and Iron Wind
Produced by Iron Wind