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Very excellent to land at #10 on Rabbit’s list of Top 12 Record Labels for 2022…


We gnawed 2022: the best labels (by Rabbit)

With the explosion of a new generation of micro-structures, fewer and fewer labels really manage to impose themselves on my heart over an entire year with a curious, qualitative and sufficiently extensive line to stand out. As almost every year for a good decade, it is self-production that wins by a large margin, with the privileged benchmark of a Bandcamp which resists well despite its takeover and remains straight in its boots in terms of remuneration. However, the selection that follows deserves all the praise (among many other structures whose releases we relay in these pages) for having continued to defend, against all odds, artists and ideas of music that have become extraterrestrial for the great public and even for much of the so-called “indie” blogosphere.

10. Hand’Solo Records

Thomas Quinlan’s label hasn’t had a disappointing year since that interview over 10 years ago, and it’s not his 2022 vintage that will prove me wrong, with a new gem from Canada’s top crew in the milky way, I named Backurner, probably my hip-hop album of the year although lower than the two previous peaks (in other words, we’ll talk about it again). At the same time, The Dirty Sample shone with two releases, in particular this instrumental album based on the kind of cinematographic sampling that is fond of in these pages, while Mickey O’Brien delivered a colorful Ceschi-style classic produced by Fresh Kils ( Backburner, Ockham’s Blazer).