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The rest of the $5 Rap Show crew joined me to create a one-hour episode of a radio show to help London, ON radio station CHRW 94.9fm celebrate their second annual Word Up 24 hour celebration of hip hop.

For the Hand’Solo Hip Hop Hour, More Or Les spins a selection of unreleased songs from mostly upcoming Hand’Solo albums, and Wordburglar and I provide a couple of sections of brilliant conversational interludes about early Halifax hip hop, our shared history, and what the future has in store.

The show aired on Saturday, August 10 from 5-6pm, but for those who missed the show, it’s currently available to stream along with the rest of the shows aired in that 24 hour period…


1. Hand’Solo intro (cuts by More Or Les)
2. Nerd Love instrumental (produced by Abstract Artform)
3. Scotch Tape instrumental (produced by Recordface)
4. GAS instrumental (produced by More Or Les)
5. Aunty Up – Big Bear, Daze & Royal T
6. Rhyme Shoguns – Fritz the Cat & Moves featuring hermitofthewoods & Noah23
7. Letter to the Future – royceBIRTH
8. Hip Hop Is Changing (demo) – 5.1.nine.0.2.
9. We Run the World – Alien Trap Lords
10. Donkey Feelings – Creature Box
11. Moves instrumental #1 (produced by Moves)
12. Moves instrumental #2 (produced by Moves)
13. Moves instrumental #3 (produced by Moves)
14. Wildlife instrumental (produced by Buck 65)
15. Deja Vu – Attikus
16. Soldier – Touch
17. Picard Maneuver (Red Shirt Remix) – More Or Les featuring Timbuktu, Touch & Wordburglar
18. We Came to Rock – Mickey O’Brien, Tachichi, More Or Les, Touch, Jesse Dangerously, Filthy Animals & Primal Winds
19. Full Steam – The Mighty Rhino
20. I’m on a Mission – +/-
21. instrumental (produced by Touch)
22. instrumental (produced by The Dirty Sample)
23. instrumental (produced by Recordface)
24. Cybertronnoiseur – Wordburglar

Listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/wordupradiowestern/word-up-2019-handsolo-hip-hop-hour-thomas-quinlan-wordburglar-more-or-les/