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I’ve been wanting to document some of the (so far) 22-year history of Hand’Solo Records: spotlighting and/or interviewing some of the artists who have been on the label; behind-the-scenes reveals of your favourite Hand’Solo albums, songs and videos; and (most exciting!) a look at the many projects that just never came to fruition… but they would have been awesome!

A new item has been added to the menu, and I will finally begin to blog, going back to my discovery of the Halifax hip hop scene with Derek MacKenzie and his group, Hip Club Groove. See the context of how Derek MacKenzie connects with Hand’Solo Records while exploring his music, and take a trip back to my first interview with Derek for my ‘zine, Boognish. Here’s a quick taste, but please head over to the blog or click here to see the full blog post.

“I was introduced to the Halifax hip hop scene through Derek MacKenzie and his group, Hip Club Groove…”

Read it all here: https://handsolorecords.com/whos-who-derek-mackenzie/