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Are you going to FanExpo in Toronto this year?

It’s August 25th – 28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd), and Hand’Solo Records is going to be representing with a table in Artist’s Alley. We’ll be sharing our space with Wordburglar, Dave Howlett and Jeremy Shultz.

Most know Wordburglar as the fun-loving verbal bandit of Hand’Solo Records, but he’s also the creator and writer of Snakor’s Pizza and the man behind over-the-top personality Grandpa Funnybook. Dave is the talented creator, author and artist of wrestling comic SLAM-A-RAMA as well as the occasional artwork for Wordburglar. Jeremy is a talented film maker who brings Grandpa Funnybook to claustrophobic, larger-than-life life from behind the camera.

At our table we’ll have copies of Wordburglar’s vinyl EP for sale, with awesome comic book-inspired artwork done by Dave Howlett, and everyone will be there to sign autographs. A RARE OPPORTUNITY! And we’re so happy to be at FanExpo for the first time that we’re putting together a limited edition mixtape exclusive to FanExpo. Only 150 copies, and you’ll have to get it from our table at FanExpo. Free with any purchase of $10 or more. The mixtape will be hosted by Grandpa Funnybook, is mixed by More Or Les and will feature a few classics from the Hand’Solo back catalogue along with a bunch of unreleased tracks from Wordburglar, Garthim-Master, Backburner, Swamp Thing and more.

It’s going to be fresh. I mean, just check the artwork: