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In 2021 there was both good and bad. Hand’Solo Records celebrated 25 years releasing dope Canadian hip hop to the world, but covid messed up any chances of bringing the celebration on the road for a planned cross-Canada tour. Hopefully we’ll be able to rectify that in 2022. The long waits for manufacturing vinyl has also pushed a few releases that were planned for 2021 into 2022. But a few great albums did get released, many on cassette, with CILU in Thunder Bay giving great support to The Yesmen from Nevamind & Royal-T, and DJ Kazzeo providing plenty of play for Chadio & The Dirty Sample’s No Wives Club on his Wednesday Wreck radio show. Thanks to both.

The big news, though, is a distro deal struck with Four Finger Distro that should get the music into stores and out to a wider audience. Looking forward to 2022, with releases in the first half from The Library Steps, Backburner Crew, Primal Winds, Mickey O’Brien and The Dirty Sample. And maybe that cross-Canada tour, finally!