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First, I want to apologize to the producers who submitted remixes and to the fans waiting to hear the results. The delay was unfortunate but unavoidable.

Secondly, I would like to to thank the producers who took the time to remix “Heatwave” and submit the end product. We received 33 remixes that played for a total of more than two hours, and there was a surprising variety of choices in some of the selections. We had a lot of fun listening to the submissions, and we hope the producers enjoyed remixing “Heatwave” and that everyone will enjoy listening to the winners (and you can find more info on when to expect that audio enjoyment below).

Anyway, the judges have now had enough time to properly digest the many remixes and we have narrowed the submissions down to a shortlist of our 12 favourite remixes.

The producers of our 12 favourite remixes (in alphabetical order):

The Dirty Sample
Dynamo 414
Untested Methods
DJ Usdneedlz

Congratulations to each of our shortlisted semi-finalists. We had a lot of good options to chose from, but ultimately each of these remixes received at least 50% of the judging committee’s vote count, with each judge limited to no more than 10 votes.

The weekly countdown to the #1 remix, which will also appear on the vinyl EP, begins next Monday (April 9) with the announcement of our #5 choice, audio included.

In the meantime, enjoy this mashup that we DID NOT receive as a submission but it’s still pretty damn awesome. “Beachwave” by Teletran:

Beachwave by Teletran