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Merry Christmas from Mickey O’Brien and Hand’Solo Records with Mickey’s new live off the floor band mix of “Don’t Be Like Them”, a song about overcoming circumstances from his debut album My Drift, out today!

Like many in 2020, Mickey O’Brien learned much about himself. His personal life in shambles due to a horrible breakup and a relapse, Mickey chose to take control and put his life back together rather than continue the downward spiral, coming out the other end stronger and more resilient than before. When a break in quarantine provided an opportunity to record a trio of songs live off the floor with a band, the third and final song selected had to be “Don’t Be Like Them”, a song about not being a victim of circumstance, from his 2019 solo debut, My Drift. Recorded live off the floor in the old Northern Breweries building, a well-weathered Sudbury landmark, by some of Nickel City’s finest players during the same session that already provided live off the floor band mixes of “Sophia” and “11:11”, the performance was also filmed and edited by Shawn Kosmo (Here Kitty Kitty Productions). Mickey O’Brien hopes his message resonates even more at this time: In the dark, choose to be the light!

Written and performed by Mickey O’Brien 
Additional vocals by Sarah Craig 
Produced by Fresh Kils 

Nickel City’s Finest: 

Vocals – Mickey O’Brien 
Additional vocals & Keys – Sarah Craig 
Guitar – Matt Saroka 
Bass – David Cameron 
Drums – Chris Dardick 
Turntables – DJ Seith 
Engineered By Teo DeSimone 

Recorded Live at The Brewers Lofts Sudbury ON 

Video directed and edited by Shawn Kosmo for Here Kitty Kitty Productions 

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