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A new video and remix for “Hubris”, the fifth single from Shift Change

“If I talk about God my record won’t get played,” goes the opening and closing refrain of this spiritual ditty unlike most. On new single “Hubris”, the fifth from his new album Shift Change, Mickey O’Brien reveals his spiritual awakening and expresses his belief in, and worship of, God, but he also calls out those blasphemers who distort religion for selfish and self-serving reasons. Accompanying the bluesy album version with its live instrumentation is a new remix from original producer Fresh Kils, a sample-heavy boom bap beat with soulful male vocal replacing the jazzy hook of the original, while the cuts from DJ SLAM! remain a central focus. Both of these records talk about God and surely both should get played!

Written and performed by Mickey O’Brien
Produced and remixed by Fresh Kils
Cuts by DJ SLAM!