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Mickey O’Brien releases and album of remixes of his last album, Orebody

Nickel City blue collar MC Mickey O’Brien released his third solo album on September 29, 2023. Orebody delved deeper into his soul and psyche as he explored his own inner workings with each song representing a specific emotion. Juno-nominated master of the MPC Fresh Kils was once again along for the ride as the sole producer along with the addition of live instrumentation. But Mickey also loves a good remix, so he enlisted his many friends to contribute remixes for every song on the album, originally only available in full on the b-side of the Orebody cassette release, while a few were released alongside the originals for their singles. Contributions from Factor Chandelier, Uncle Fester, DJ Moves, The Dirty Sample and The 555 bring a different vibe to these songs with which you should already be familiar, often pushing into unexpected territory. Orebody – The Remix Album provides another opportunity for the uninitiated to discover the honest, introspective music of Mickey O’Brien while offering current fans a refreshing return to the rhymes of the original.

Written and performed by Mickey O’Brien and featured guests
Remixed by Factor Chandelier, Uncle Fester, DJ Moves, The Dirty Sample, The 555, and Fresh Kils
Cuts by DJ Versatile
Mastered by Dorc