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The second single and first video for Mickey O’Brien’s Shift Change is out now!

Canadian hip hop artist Mickey O’Brien follows the success of his pro-union first single “Cap Lamp” from his upcoming album, Shift Change, with second single “Bill Wilson”, which perfectly reflects O’Brien’s recent drive, focus and artistic honesty. O’Brien is an open book regarding his struggles with addictions, mental health, and his road to recovery. The song and video both feature friend and past collaborator Annie Q, who delivers a haunting vocal melody while O’Brien tirelessly debates in a back & forth dialogue with his inner demons, taking listeners on a journey into the mind of a relapsing addict that reveals recovery is possible. Like the rest of the musically ambitious Shift Change, “Bill Wilson” continues O’Brien’s symbiotic and fruitful creative relationship with Juno-nominated producer Fresh Kils combined with a number of special guests and seasoned instrumentalists that complete the grand vision. The beautifully raw and poetic video for “Bill Wilson” was created by Dan Jardine for Boom Shoal productions.

Keep on the lookout for more fresh releases from Mickey O’Brien, as he gears up to drop his Shift Change record on April 22 on vinyl, CD, and digital formats through Hand’Solo Records.

Written and performed by Mickey O’Brien
Additional vocals by Annie Q
Produced by Fresh Kils