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More Or Les and Recordface have released a new video for their track “Heads Down” from their album Post Millennium Tension, and accompany it with a DJ Pack of the single including unreleased bonus track “Drugs”. Check out the video and then head over to Bandcamp for the DJ Pack…

Written and performed by More Or Les
Produced by Recordface
Video filmed and directed by IllVibe

You’re probably doing it right and don’t even know it. You’re staring into a lit-up screen, right now. Checking emails, checking texts, looking on Facebook, reading a playlist, swiping through pics. You’re doing it right now. And it’s cool – More Or Les does it too. Doing that’s not the problem – doing that all the time over all else instead of interacting with your loved ones, or taking care of someone, or paying attention to the road – doing THAT is the problem. This bass-heavy song with tight drums is about all of that. Recordface and Les only want your attention for four and a half minutes – take a break from instagram, Reddit, 9Gag and whatever the latest crazy thing Kanye said and peep a song about the thing you love the most – your Portable Electronic Device…

Unafraid of complicated subjects, Les dove right into a matter that has no easy answers – the Pharma industry – and how people’s lives are affected by the perceptions of medical drug use and mental health. This song is available only on the “Heads Down” DJ pack – an exclusive track on an elusive topic. With crazy scratching over psychedelic guitars and moody bass.