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On July 1 Canada celebrates 150 years as a nation, and to celebrate More Or Les has released “Ice Cold Buck Fifty,” an homage to Canadian hip hop.

Taking some time off his beat tape coming out later this summer, producer, DJ and rapper More Or Les is back with a musical homage to Canadian Hip Hop, just in time for the 150th anniversary of the country. “Ice Cold Buck Fifty” is a 100 bars non-stop tribute to rappers and producers across the country, delivered in a mostly-chronological order of discovery for this Rap-fan-later-turned-rapper. While many music enthusiasts may be familiar with names like Maestro Fresh Wes, Dream Warriors, K-OS and Shad, Les goes deep with his coverage of indie Canadian Hip Hop, citing possibly-less-familiar folks such as Jorun Bombay, Citizen Kane, The Grassroots, and his own crew, Backburner. Always a fan of extra treats, this single includes a remix of “Icarus” from the Nov. 2016 release Blow The Fuck Up But Stay Humble by producer The Dirty Sample, featuring Swamp Thing, Rel McCoy and Wordburglar. Living in a digital age of last-minute add-ons and perks, this single will also feature a surprise remix released on Canada Day itself…

“Ice Cold Buck Fifty”
Production, cuts and rapping by More Or Les
Mixing by Ted “Measuring Man” Onyszczak
Mastering by More Or Les

“Icarus (The Dirty Sample Remix)”
Production and mixing by The Dirty Sample
Rapping by More Or Les, Wordburglar, Savilion, Chokeules, Rel McCoy and Timbuktu
Mastering by More Or Les