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WARNING: This video may cause seizures, paranoia, and bring unwanted attention from government organizations. View at your own discretion.

Orbiting in space whips made of gold, the Alien Trap Lords beam their message to the inferior Earth masses: Alien Trap Lords are superior and their UFOs are unstoppable! Humans can’t even leave their own solar system while Alien Trap Lords jump dimensions and travel through time with mere thought. Even the existence of humanity is because Alien Trap Lords rolled up in their space whips to plant bacteria on planet Earth. To improve delivery of this message, 200 Wolves translate the audio recording into visuals engineered to increase human desire to detect and decipher the intergalactic code. Repeat viewings are ensured as subliminal messages flash throughout and bursts of wavy lights and morphing movements keep pace with the synthesizer arpeggio. A new interpretation of the code by human production wizard DJ Matto should increase interest in Earthlings to the message of Alien Trap Lords on “My Whip UFO”.

Check out the remix by DJ Matto: