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With the razor sharp cuts and cinematic productions of UsdNeedls providing a heavy foundation for the introspective and often cryptic lyrics of nofutureface, Hidden Fortress is a predictor that something wicked this way comes. And now they drop their first album with Hand’Solo Records…

Track Listing:

1. All That Is
2. Good Hurt
3. The Cure
4. Apotheosis ft Modulok
5. Iconoclast
6. Rich Folks ft Planit
7. Slangshot ft Kaigen
8. Psychonaut
9. Good Bye ft Raven Madd

Hard copies come with a link and password to download an exclusive instrumental EP produced by Hidden Fortress DJ/producer UsdNeedls. The artwork and tracklisting for bonus EP Audio Scientifico is below:


1. Intro
2. Back Into The Darkness
3. Sonic Weapon
4. The Art of Super Devil Rays
5. Sonoluminescence
6. Results of the Bio-Effects
7. Audio Scientifico