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The official release date is Friday, May 22, when you should find the single available on your favourite streaming service, but we couldn’t wait so we dropped the video and DJ Pack early…

Picture it: December, 2019 – hearing about a mysterious virus in parts elsewhere, not thinking much of it, but hoping that people catching it will be ok, and it doesn’t spread to familiar places. And now here we are about half a year later, washing our hands a lot, not touching our faces until we’ve washed our hands *again*, arguing over our right to be in public spaces, standing in long lines at supermarkets, some of us, hoarding things, some of us, being racist to Asian people (STOP. THAT!), some of us, unemployed, trying to generate some kind of income to pay rents and mortgages, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed, and just plain over it. WELL, it ain’t over, it’s just the new normal – NORMAL 2.0. Here’s my attempt to talk about it, but more importantly, let’s talk *to* each other, not *at* each other. Let’s help each other out!

And Peace, Love and Respect to all the Frontline Workers risking themselves and their families being at their job.

Raps, Cuts, Beats, Mixes, sorrows by More Or Les.
Leslie Seaforth (SOCAN)
(c) 2020 Leslie Seaforth.

Artwork by Terence Cheng.
Help with mixing from Fresh Kils.
Advice from Measuring Man appreciated.