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New video from The Library Steps dropped today!

Jesse Dangerously and Ambeez are your rap dads now. “Home Team,” the first single from their debut MC/producer collaboration project, The Library Steps, is smooth, comfortable, and confident, even if Jesse sings a little out of tune. It’s been compared to A Tribe Called Quest or Outkast accompanied by Lo Fi Beats To Study To, but all that means is that it’s such solid sample-based hip-hop that the resulting album, Rap Dad, Real Dad, soon to be released on vinyl to coincide with its return to all streaming sites, sounds somehow both timeless and extremely old.

The remix is provided by Toronto’s TLO, best known as Shad‘s main producer and live DJ, and it adds a layer of mean and a keen scratch routine. DJs will appreciate the radio edits, instrumental versions, and a capella for your blends and mashups included in the digital 12″!

The video is directed by actor and comedian Gil Anderson, who is not from X-Files but is Jesse’s cousin and also raps on the second single… coming soon!


Written and performed by Jesse Dangerously and Ambition
Produced by Ambeez
Remixed by TLO

And here’s the remix of “Home Team” by TLO: