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The new single from Ol’ Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample is out now!

“How long can a man wait?” asks Ol’ Gorilla Bones on second single “Patience” from his upcoming album, Revenge Vol. 1 (Hand’Solo Records). The Dirty Sample’s raw, choppy boom bap combines thumping drums with a dense deluge of stringed instruments. It’s the perfect production for this personal, introspective song on which OGB opines “Come to grips with what I am, where I’m supposed to be,” before he provides comfort to others, concluding, “I hope you find it, too, hopefully.” The message? In this world that often requires compromise for profit, patience pays off. Continue to do what you love regardless of commercial success. With 30+ albums under his belt using a variety of aliases, The Dirty Sample and his latest MC alter ego, OGB, practices what he preaches: “Patience for 20 years, never changing…” 

Ol’ Gorilla Bones and The Dirty Sample present Revenge Vol 1 on vinyl and digital on May 13, 2022 through Hand’Solo Records.

Written and performed by Ol’ Gorilla Bones
Produced by The Dirty Sample