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The first single, “Back from the Dead”, from the upcoming Ol’ Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample album Revenge Vol. 1, is out now. Check it out through your favourite streaming service…

The Dirty Sample killed off previous MC alias Apeface in 2018 on Ape No More, assuming he was done with rapping and would strictly stick to production. Finding he has more to say, the Ape returns “Back from the Dead”, dragging himself out of the grave as Ol’ Gorilla Bones, bigger, badder and hungry for the brains of wack MCs. The booming banger of a beat—deep, menacing horn stabs as bass contrasted with high tinkling notes of a xylophone—is perfect for an announcement of this magnitude. Drawing inspiration from Smoothe Da Hustler’s “Broken Language” but with a laidback delivery, OGB recounts his old school pedigree and stakes his claim as the final boss. Rounding out this anthemic rap resurrection is a catchy chorus and closing cuts that further invoke the hip hop history preserved here like an embalmed corpse. The Ape is dead, long live Ol’ Gorilla Bones!

Ol’ Gorilla Bones and The Dirty Sample present Revenge Vol 1 on vinyl and digital on May 13, 2022 through Hand’Solo Records.

Written and performed by Ol’ Gorilla Bones
Produced by The Dirty Sample