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Toronto hip hop duo Primal Winds has released 5 albums in as many years, and after their Tron-inspired previous album, The Renegades, District Prime and Iron Wind are about to level up. Experimenting with new flows over big beats guaranteed to get your fist pumping and your ass shaking as Iron Wind lays down his best production to date, the Law Bent EP is a product of these unusual times. Tackling current political topics and social matters that not everyone will agree with, Law Bent is fully intended as an artistic exploration of alternative information for those that seek out obscure material for entertainment purposes.

The title track—also the album opener and first single—gets right to the core as Prime and Wind encourage the bending of the law to relieve all that pent up energy, and then go even further with their urges on metal-tinged “Riot”. A concrete jungle vibe and some theme-appropriate samples drive “Sirens”, a song dedicated to first responders. The duo then take a trip back to the 90s with throwbacks “Don’t Lose Focus” and “Hard Act to Follow”, incorporating timely one-liners among the braggadocio, and then slow it down with “Peep Da Vision” and “Picture Perfect”, the former a plea to open your eyes to the lies and brainwashing, and the latter an appeal to self-discovery. They close the EP with “Never Give In”, an uptempo song about standing for what’s right at a time when so much is going wrong. And if that’s not enough, Law Bent is just the precursor to their upcoming album, laying the groundwork and providing a sampling of what’s to come with Crowd Control in the Spring of 2022.

Written and performed by District Prime and Iron Wind
Produced by Iron Wind
Artwork by Ghettosocks