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Primal Winds close out the summer with a new single inspired by the unusual summer of 2020 before they return to The Grid to fight for the user.

If you’re not chasing the moment, the moment isn’t chasing you. Primal Winds embrace this ethos with “Chasing Summer”, the latest instalment in their series of celebratory singles. As the season comes to a close, Iron Wind and District Prime seize the moment in order to commemorate this unforgettable summer of underground parties, off-the-grid and online performances, and public gathering restrictions due to the global pandemic. Conceived of and produced by Iron Wind, this summer jam gem expresses their passion for the music and serves as a reminder to us all: What were you chasing this summer? Enjoy this one last hurrah for the summer with Primal Winds before they return their full energy to promoting their recently-released Tron-inspired album, The Renegades

Written and performed by District Prime and Iron Wind
Produced by Iron Wind