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I was recently interviewed by DJ Switch for Radio Free Nerdcore, where I was also asked to select a playlist of ten tracks. The interview has been up for about a week, but if you haven’t checked it out yet and would like to listen to some cool nerdy rap alongside discussion of topics ranging from Wordburglar and More Or Les to Scrub Club Records and the benefits of free downloads, please give it a listen. Here’s the playlist:

1: Weapon X by Faction
Interlude 1 — “This ‘Wordburglar’ kid …”
2: Rap Viper by Wordburglar
3: Never Return by Swamp Thing
4: Klingon Bastards by Touch
5: Jedi Mastery by Pheonix Orion
Interlude 2 — “The 4th Doctor …”
6: Bigger On The Inside by More or Les
7: Dude Where’s My AT-AT At? by The Garthim-Master ft. Wordburglar
8: Baron Karza by Buck 65
9: Flatland: An Nth Dimensional Story by XoC ft. Klopfenpop and Ranger
Interlude 3 — “There’s room for everybody …”
10: Grow Up by Random

Stream or download the episode here: http://dangerouskids.net/2013/11/18/radio-free-nerdcore-episode-4-hand-solo-records/