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The best blog on the East Coast of Canada wrote a beautifully in-depth review of The Dirty Sample’s Joshua’s Dreamixes a little while back and it’s about time they got the thank you they deserve. Of the album, they said:

“[T]he Dirty Sample uses a solid, traditionally hip hop base that manages to steer clear of cliched sounds to come off as a quality take on late 90′s underground production.”

Read the rest of the review here: http://www.herohill.com/2010/11/quick-hitters-the-dirty-sample-joshuas-dreamixes.htm


It was also recently discovered that French blog Fake For Real also gave the album a fine review and had some nice things to say about the label. Thanks.

For those who understand French, you can check out the review here: http://www.fakeforreal.net/index.php/post/2010/THE-DIRTY-SAMPLE-Joshua-s-Dreamixes