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Big shout out to Z. at Hipster, Please! for showing Hand’Solo some love with their recent reviews for Bassments of Badmen 2 and Hidden Fortress’s All That Is. Not to spoil the anticipation, but Z. loved them, he really loved them!

Of Bassments of Badmen 2 he writes, “the beauty of the compilation is that everyone’s bound to find something that appeals to their own unique ear.”

And he sums up All That Is with: “If you like the unrelenting energy of horrorcore but can’t abide the laughable imagery, or enjoy the verbose linguistics of nerdcore but crave a more holistic, almost spiritual slant, then this is not one to be missed.”

Check the rest of the reviews, along with a third review for Selfhelp’s Broken Shadows, at: http://www.hipsterplease.com/2011/01/provinces-not-states.html