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Hand’Solo Records is proud to present “Carry the Fire,” the first single and title track from the upcoming collaboration album between rapper Rift and rapper-producer Savilion. “Carry the Fire” is a rap track on which Rift, over a minimalist Savilion production anchored by a wicked beat box, boasts of his survival skills in the wilds of both music and an imaginary, post-apocalyptic world, inspired in part by Survivorman Les Stroud, Bear Grylls, Grizzly Man and the movie/book The Road. Carry the Fire drops June 2014 and features 10 tracks of laid back boom bap about love, loss, family, friends and the state of modern hip hop. Guest appearances come courtesy of Wordburglar, Chokeules, Geneva, Sulfur and more.

Stream the song or download it for free here:


While Carry the Fire is the debut album for this pairing, Rift and Sav are rap vets who have collaborated many times throughout their impressive back catalogues. Rift honed his sing-song flow as Selfhelp alongside Thesis Sahib as part of London, Ontario-based rap duo Bending Mouth with a self-titled album (2002) and vinyl EP (2004), both amongst the earliest Backburner releases, with production from Fresh Kils, Uncle Fes, Timbuktu, Jesse Dangerously and Savilion, and followed that up with two solo Selfhelp albums (Old Friends in 2009 and Broken Shadows in 2010) and an album focusing on the subject of nostalgia as The Garthim-Master (Ghosts of Nostalgia, 2011) before making a change to Rift for Carry the Fire and future projects.

Savilion came up in the Toronto rap scene as a member of weirdo rap group Creature Box, releasing one album (The Frantic Hunt for Shade, 2002) before disbanding shortly after signing to Hand’Solo Records, as well as solo work (Sound Puzzles in 2000 and Porch Steez in 2002) and a collaboration with fellow Creature Box-er Thought?Bug (Bad Sense of Smell, 2001), before turning his attention to recording and producing for other artists. He is currently a member of b-movie rap trio Swamp Thing, who have released an EP (The Grindhouse EP, 2012) and two albums (Creature Feature in 2012 and Firedogs in 2013), and he is currently working on a new solo album.