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Every year Indie Rock Magazine compiles an exhaustive series of lists for their “Best Of” indie and underground music roundup, and it’s always a great honour to see an album or a song from Hand’Solo Records make the cut. And now a new decade has begun, so Rabbit uses the opportunity to highlight his Top 30 hip hop albums, Top 101 hip hop songs, and his favourite hip hop artists, all of the last decade (2010-2019).

While only one album from Hand’Solo made it onto the Top 30 Albums, it was pretty exciting that it came in at #1. That’s right, according to Rabbit, Backburner’s second crew album, Eclipse, is the best hip hop album of the last decade! Backburner also tops his list of recommended crews/rappers/producers… Awesome! Congrats are also due to Wolves, a Backburner affiliate containing a few crew members, also appearing on this list at #9.

And then there are the 101 Best Songs, which has a good number of songs that were released through Hand’Solo, with three in the Top 20! Here’s what made the cut, and the playlists on which they appear:

1-20 + 1

Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! – “Criddown” feat. Dan-e-o
Backburner – “In the Place” feat. Rift & The Mighty Rhino
The Library Steps – “Nothing Fri3ndly” feat. More Or Les, Wordburglar, Swamp Thing, The Mighty Rhino & Ghettosocks


Tachichi – “Light Skin (for the Win) [remix]”
Touch – “Great Sage Equaling Heaven”
Lucha Lonely – “Gold Bangles”


Chokeules – “Welcome”
Wordburglar – “Rhyme O’Clock” feat. More Or Les


Angerville – “Ain’t No Thang”

Check out the full lists here: http://www.indierockmag.com/article33277.html