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Props to Lukas Trs and Bbarak Magazine for coming through with more coverage for Hand’Solo Records. This time around Lukas interviews Swamp Thing’s Timbuktu for a column on artists on the come up. The interview was originally in English but has been translated into Czech for the magazine, so if you would like to check out Tim in Czech, head over to the Bbarak site using the link at the bottom of this news post. For the rest of you, here is the original English interview:

Choke and I have known each other since high school and formed the group Toolshed together back in the 90s. We’d known Savilion as an artist since around the same time. A few years ago I’d always run into Sav at the ‘Beat Lounge’ producer showcases in Toronto and we’d always talk about doing a track. The 1st one went so well we decided to make an entire album!

Our music is all about having fun and being creative. Swamp Thing is a perfect vehicle for that idea, because the framework of the B Movie concepts on ‘Creature Feature’ allow us to write about some really out there, interesting, weird stuff, but it’s not soft. Savs beats are hard as fuck and we like our rap tough and aggressive. There’s nothin delicate about Swamp Thing, but it isn’t derivative or disingenuous. Also, Sav and Choke are two of my favorite dudes to hang with, so we have lots of fun making music.

About Creature Feature
Every song is a banger, and every song is its own B Movie.

Best Canadian posse cut
I’m a little bit biased on that but I’d have to say ‘Smell The Glove’ from my solo album “Stranger Danger”. I just love the idea of getting 10 or 12 emcees together and making a song that is still tight and keeps your attention. Short verses from a ton of talented rappers.

Swamp Thing’s ultimate goal is complete world domination. But for Chokeules, Savilion and I, I think it’s about making high quality music that is as much fun to listen to as we had making it. We’ve never tried to cater to what’s current or hip or contemporary. We just try to make music we would want to listen to and let the chips fall where they may.

Greatest Success
So far I think finishing the album on time for the Halloween release party. (Photo finish).

Life Motto
Git it poppin, use yourself as a guinea pig.

Upcoming Projects
Upcoming projects from the crew? Next up is Wolves (D-Sisive, Muneshine, Ghettosocks, Bix & Timbuktu), followed by new solo albums from Chokeules, Timbuktu & Savilion, a new Backburner Crew album and of course another SWAMP THING!

Select members of the crew will be touring the US in the spring with SXSW as a main anchor. Swamp Thing will be touring Canada in the summer as well.

Read the interview in Czech here: http://www.bbarak.cz/clanky/novinky/na-obzoru-swamp-thing/