Home Bass > The Library Steps dropping “Well Wishers” on Fri Nov 19!

Illgil is the same age as Jesse Dangerously, has loved hip-hop for just as long, played drums and percussion in high school just like Jesse did, and was even in Wordburglar’s teenage rap clique, The Dregs of Society, but somehow this is her first appearance on an officially released recording. The cousins trade terse and pensive quatrains reflecting on their respective past relationships – romantic and platonic – seeking a sanguine and tranquil vantage point from which to look back without anger or bitterness; seeking the comfort of goodwill as distance softens the edges of hard times long gone by. The effective exchange, propelled by Ambeez’s choppy strings and piano and the whirling shards of a classic Nova Scotian breakbeat, sounds like just what it is: two adults having a heart-to-heart conversation, looking back together over their parallel paths, bonding over their shared desire for resolution and warmth, and also that they can friggin’ rap good!

“Well Wishers” is the second single from The Library Steps album, Rap Dad, Real Dad, which returns in full to digital realms to coincide with its vinyl reissue on January 7th, 2022.