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A message from The Mighty Rhino:

O YE FRIENDS! Hear ye, hear ye! With heart brimming with fulsome joy and merriment, it is now my incalculable honour to announce to you that I, THE MIGHTY RHINO, am to perform a LIVE RAP SHOW on Friday, May 4th, at Revival Bar in Toronto, to celebrate the release of my staggering, wonderful second album, “WE WILL NO LONGER RETREAT INTO DARKNESS”! Come one, come all, and be refreshed by the vivifying breezes of joy, and get your faces melted CLEAN OFF by the magnificent bangerational rapps, as I regale you with wondrous songs from across my catalogue, from stirring new hits like “Every Atom” and “The Royal We” to time-honoured classics like “Company Policy” and “Stay Up”, and my gifted and glorious co-conspirators – MORE OR LES, JESSE DANGEROUSLY, ULTRA MAGNUS & DJ SLAM, DJ BOSH FLIMSHAW, and a host of others who are to make riotously entertaining guest appearances – send you all soaring into such heights of pleasure that you exclaim, “Wow!”, and proceed to dance for joy all night! What a true happiness it is for me to welcome you all to this wonderful event! 8PM doors, 9PM show, Rhino on by 11PM, $10, more details to be posted shortly! #RhinoSalute! WOO!

Stay up to date at the event page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/232721797471454/