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Filmed exclusively at Fan Expo 2012…


Lyrics by Wordburglar (www.wordburglar.com)
Produced by Beatmason
Cuts by Uncle Fes
Video by Daniel Jardine (www.danieljardine.com)

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Yo, as a kid my favourite comic was Nth Man, The Ultimate Ninja
You got every one of those in multiples, didn’t ya?
Yeah, and it took a while to, uh, collect ‘em all
Got the last one I needed down at the shitty mall
Yes yes y’all, like Lee Falk that’s real talk
And when I’m not reading ‘em, keep safe in a sealed box
Spidey, Booster Gold and X-Men
Ninja Turtles, The Tick and John Byrne’s Next Men
Collecting Milk & Cheese, Wilkies To Strange Adventures
For real geeks who can name Avengers
Like Triathlon, Tigra, Jack Of Hearts
USAgent, though he was always in the wackest arcs
You like Starfox? That wouldn’t bug me
Dude saw more pussy than Catwoman’s undies
Trust me, like Hawkeye and Mockingbird
You can call me a nerd, I like my drawings with words

I was into comic books and watching cartoons
Irredeemable, Incorruptable, Invincible
Justice League Europe and, uh, The Invisibles
Stray Toasters, Stilt-Man, Gravity
Grimjack, Concrete, Avengers Academy

Now, my man R-Lex put me onto SCUD
That KISS comic is made with blood
And Squadron Supreme had Gruenwald’s ashes in
Worth a lot – but I could never cash it in
And that’s dumber than kidnapping Jim Gordon
Wanna make money? Open a Tim Hortons
What can I say? I like art in books
From Steve McNiven’s to Darwyn Cooke’s
House of Ideas, Distinguished Competition
Back issues? I’ll be diggin on a mission
In the depths of the dollar and quarter bins
For rare singles that no one was ordering
And whatchu know about Wood-God?
Well, he’s a Man-Brute life-form who looks odd
And I gotta give props to the king Jack Kirby
You want to talk shop? Well ask Burgie

I was into comic books and watching cartoons
Stan Lee, Alan Moore and Erik Larsen
Reid Flemming, Flaming Carrot, McFarlane
George Perez, Steve Ditko, Art Adams
Jocasta is part robot, part madam

This is for the forward front facers, the true believers
Who know the walking dead don’t need shoes or sneakers
You know I don’t know how to end this
‘Cause I can go on about comics forever like Bendis
Ryan Ottley, what’s up man?
Yo, J-Bone, I keep giving you money like a pay phone
I gotta shout out all my people
Strange Adventures to the Silver Snail
Ah, you got a question, Burgie will know
I make Canadian jams like Bernie Mireault
Google it.