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Don’t move. Don’t breath. Try as hard as you can to slow the beat of your heart to an undetectable rhythm. And just when you think it’s safe, out of the “Deep Water” swims Jawz! The Dirty Sample hones in on the electromagnetic frequency emitted by your worst fears and produces a sound to trigger a feeding frenzy in fellow apex predators Touch and Ghettosocks. Drowning is preferable for any unsuspecting meal that encounters these three hungry sharks as they flow through the “Deep Water”. For the first single from their upcoming summer blockbuster, Jawz, dropping April 26 on Hand’Solo Records, Touch & The Dirty Sample are joined by guest Ghettosocks on the raps and art design, and receive a remix from Illions (The Dirty Sample and Metawon). “We on top of the food chain, and you what we chewin’…”

01 – Deep Water (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
02 – Deep Water (Radio Edit) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
03 – Deep Water (Illions Remix) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
04 – Deep Water (Illions Remix Radio Edit) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
05 – Deep Water (instrumental)
06 – Deep Water (Illions Remix instrumental)
07 – Deep Water (acapella) (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)

Written and performed by Apeface, Touch and Ghettosocks
Produced by The Dirty Sample, except tracks 3, 4, and 6 remixed by Illions (The Dirty Sample and Metawon)
Mixed by The Dirty Sample
Mastered by Dorc for Banging Masters
Art design by Ghettosocks