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Our short and sweet WB contest has ended and we have a winner. Long-time U.K. fan Martin England will receive a copy of Wordburglar’s classic vinyl EP and an old school Wordburglar t-shirt, as seen in the photo above being prepped for packaging. All other contest entrants should expect to receive a message in the next day or two with a discount code for those who would like to order their own copy. Thank you to all who entered.

And surprisingly, there was a lot of difficulty identifying Norma Bates from Psycho as the silhouette in the window. The rest are, from left to right, actor David Cross, Irish vampire Cassidy (from the Preacher comics), Transylvanian vampire Dracula, Twiki (from Buck Rogers), rapper Pigeon John (who guests on the EP), greatest American hero Scarlett (from G.I. Joe), Wordburglar, and in the sky watching over it all is a generic alien.

Pick up a copy of the vinyl for yourself here: http://handsolorecords.bandcamp.com/album/wordburglar-ep-vinyl