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Mickey O’Brien aka OB OreBody was born and raised in Copper Cliff, Ontario in the shadow of the iconic Sudbury smelter. As such, his music represents the raw, unfiltered experience of the working class man in the modern world, expressed over a soundtrack of 90s era boom bap beats. In fact, by day, Mickey O’Brien works as a hard rock miner, literally exploring the underground. But by day and night, he’s also an underground MC, simultaneously channeling a variety of influences and predecessors — Atmosphere, Eminem, Nas, and Jay-Z, to name a few — to deliver hard-hitting raps that touch on class struggle, love & loss, and the daily trials of life.

My Drift, the debut album under the Mickey O’Brien monicker, departs from his more idealogical work as Kill the Autocrat, making the political personal by rooting it in his own life experience. Produced by Canadian beat-master and MPC button-masher Fresh Kils, with cuts contributed by DJ Uncle Fester, the two previously partnered as The Extremities. My Drift also features guest appearances from some of the most unique voices in Canadian hip hop: D-Sisive, Mindbender Supreme, More Or Les, The Mighty Rhino and Lee Reed, who appears on first single “Groundhog Day”. With “My Drift”, Mickey O’Brien shows that the genre can grow up and mature but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less gritty or abrasive.