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Just ran across another review of 3rdburglar, this one courtesy of Isaac Paddington for Above Ground Magazine. Thank you, Isaac, for recommending it so highly (“there is no chance it will disappoint”), but I was most impressed by this perceptive description of Wordburglar:

“Wordburglar possesses a playful lyrical style filled with personality. He shows great flow from verse to verse, filling each with funny comparisons, word play, metaphors, an ever-present love for comic books and a wide knowledge of hip-hop. The Toronto rapper doesn’t take anything too seriously but still manages to produces dope lyrics that are refreshing to hear. Versatility of content in each rap is one of the album’s defining traits.”

Read the rest of this most excellent review here: http://abovegroundmagazine.com/reviews/06/05/wordburglar-–-3rd-burglar/